MAX30100 Heart Rate Click Sensor

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MAX30100 integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate sensor. It’s an optical sensor that derives its readings from emitting two wavelengths of light from two LEDs – a red and an infrared one – then measuring the absorbance of pulsing blood through a photodetector. This particular LED color combination is optimized for reading the data through the tip of one’s finger. The signal is processed by a low-noise analog signal processing unit and communicated to the target MCU through the mikroBUS? I2C interface. Developers of end-user applications should note that the readings can be negatively impacted by excess motion and changes in temperature. Also, too much pressure can constrict capillary blood flow and therefore diminish the reliability of the data.  A programmable INT pin is also available. Uses 3.3V power supply.


  1. Optical sensor: IR and red LED combined with photodetector
  2. Measures absorbance of pulsing blood
  3. I2C interface plus INT pin
  4. 3.3V power supply


  1. Motion artefact resillence
  2. Ambient light cancellation
  3. Ready-to-use examples save development time
  4. Supported in all MikroElektronika compilers


  • Developing algorithms for pulse oximetry and heart rate readings through the tip of a finger.

Package includes:

  • 1PCS*MAX30100 Heart Rate Click Sensor Module


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